What makes us different at Love. Mahalo. Photo. is our level of service, the quality of our products and the fun you’ll have while you’re at your photo session, to name just a few things.

Believe me, I know you have many choices when it comes to a family photographer while you’re on the islands. I’ve checked out most of their websites and FB pages too! I’m happy that you’re reading my page and I hope you’ll choose to book a session with me for many reasons, some of which I’ll outline below.

First and foremost is because photographs mean so much to me. I’ve learned so many things about my family from photographs, actual, real, printed-on-paper photographs. All of my packages include some sort of prints (and digital files too, of course!). I know other photographers don’t always take the time to even edit your photos let alone offer unique, quality photo-products. In fact, I know you can get a CD of images right after your shoot from some other photographers on Oahu, but that, to me, devalues your photo session, and what are you going to do with 200 un-edited files anyways? (Hint-- it’ll probably range between absolutely nothing and barely anything; you’ll have the best intentions, but then life will get in the way...)

When you have a photo session with me, we’re going to have fun- yes we’ll do a few posed shots, that way I make sure I can see everyone’s faces, and have a wide variety of images for you to choose from-- but I’ll also ask you to enjoy yourselves; feel your feet sinking into the sand, listen to the waves crashing or the birds singing tropical songs, realize you’re with your family in paradise, and I’ll be there clicking away- capturing artful images of your family, in paradise.
Then I’ll go home and cull the photos, editing the best ones, I’ll set up an online gallery for you to view and choose your favorites and decide which ones you want printed.

Why prints again? Because having an actual physical image that hangs on your wall, or sits on your desk, or that gets tucked in to your college freshman’s suitcase when they’re moving away to school can help churn our memories, remind us of what family is, remind us of that time when dad did his best impression of a hula dancer, or your little one squealed with delight at every crashing wave, or...or...

Photographs are powerful. Photographs were made to be printed. Printed photographs can last generations.
In fact, I have a framed photo hanging on my wall of my grandmother and her twin with their grandmother taken in the early 1920’s -- it’s almost 100 years old! Do you really think your great-great grandchild will pull out a CD of images in a 100 years and a) even know what it is, b) find a way to access the data c) print a photo off of it so they can see what their grandparent looked like when they were 4 years old...? I don’t think so. Maybe I’m wrong, but, the way things are going, I don’t think I am.

In my opinion, it’s best to let me handle the printing; all you have to do is choose your favorites, open the package when they get shipped to you, and choose where you want to display them!

And again, I’ll give you the edited digital files as well! Each package comes with a different quantity. Regardless of quantity you’ll get both web sized and print sized (high-resolution) file versions so you can post away, add some of the images to your holiday cards, use them to make the grandparents a calendar or a mug, you name it-- you can do most everything with them--you just can’t sell them or use them for commercial purposes. That will all be in the paper work that we’ll do before the session, it’s really very easy.

If you’re still reading, mahalo (thanks)! I also hope you’ll choose me over other island photographers because you like my photographic style, you understand the value of images, you want a unique experience (ask me about the 1/2 day island explorer package!) and you want to collaborate with me to create photos you’ll cherish, and your kids will cherish, and maybe even their kid’s kid’s will cherish generations from now.

And just before I let you go to book a session, a note about the business name.

Love~may be obvious, but to me it’s what makes our lives worth living, I really do love, love. Mahalo~ yes here in Hawaii it means, ‘thanks,’ but in the larger sense it means being filled with gratitude, understanding how blessed we are, and recognizing the good and commonality between all of us; it’s more than a 'thanks', it’s a way of feeling. Photo~ I was assigned to be a student photographer for my town’s newspaper when I was in the 4th grade. I ruined about 3 rolls of film and I’m not even sure I had one photo published, but it started a love affair with the art form that has been with me ever since, again photos are powerful.

I love that I get to do this for a living, I am grateful that I get to live here and work with families to capture images of joy, togetherness, wonder and delight, and I hope you’ll cherish your photos as much as I do. Love. Mahalo. Photo. ~Ashley

More about Ashley:
Born and Raised in Park City, Utah, beauty has always been part of my world view. Photography has been my personal way of capturing the beauty that I see around me, whether that's a tender newborn, a tumultuous sky before a thunderstorm, fresh fruit from the farmers market or my grandmother's arthritic hands.

I take absolute pleasure in being behind the camera because it lets me preserve a moment in time. This is incredibly important to me, especially when I am working with families to create portraits. I long for the portraits I create with you today, to be hung on the walls of your great grand children's homes. That is your legacy and I want to work with you to create something that special.

Please peruse my website and let the beauty I've found, find you. 




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