I'm Ashley

Aloha! I'm Ashley

It's so cliche, it's maybe cheesy even, but I really, honestly, love taking photos. 

When I'm behind my camera, and I'm out there taking photos, I'm fully engaged.  

Multiple parts of my brain are lighting up- (Is this the best ISO? How will this photo look when it's on a wall? What are the lyrics to all the Moana songs)?

And of course my heart is engaged; Oh! The little one is squealing at the waves! Oh! This couple is oozing love, How sweet is that kiss? Oh! The mama is crying because she hasn't had her whole family together in 8 years, but here they all are, posing together under a tree in Hawaii! Let's all give mama a hug! 

It's an amazing joy and pleasure to be out there taking photos. Thankfully I also love editing them too! Because that's where more skills, time, energy and effort are expended, more than I ever thought possible! But I do it and I love it, because I want your great-grand children to hold one of these photos in their hands and say to their children, "See that little one there, squealing with joy at the waves, that's my Grandma when she was just a little girl about your age on her first trip to Hawaii!"  

I do hope you choose to collaborate with us on capturing memories and creating art for you and your family! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 

~Mahalo (Thank you)~ 



 A note about our name. 



This may be obvious, but to us it’s what makes our lives worth living, we really do love, love. 


In Hawaiian it means, ‘thanks,’ but in the larger sense it means being filled with gratitude, understanding how blessed we are, and recognizing the good and commonality between all of us; it’s more than a 'thanks', it’s a way of feeling.


Ashley was assigned to be a student photographer for her town’s newspaper when she was in the 4th grade. She ruined about 3 rolls of film and is not even sure she had one photo published, but it started a love affair with the art form that has been with her ever since, photos can be so powerful.

We love that we get to do this for a living, we are grateful that we get to live here and work with families to capture images of joy, togetherness, wonder and delight, and we hope you’ll cherish your photos as much as we do.

Ashley & Liz  

I'm Liz

Aloha! I'm Liz

I have to solve problems, and I have to make a difference in the world. These are my motivating factors. Running a photography business is just one facet of my life, but it definitely allows for my creative side to shine, as well as my problem solving skills to be pushed in new directions. 

Part of relocating to Hawaii was to be outside more, connect with nature, and live a more laid back lifestyle, (I did the corporate thing for years, but it left me craving more. More life, more freedom, more soul.) 

Here we get to meet amazing people from all over the world, take them to beautiful places and then take amazing images for them to take home so they can remember these good parts of life, and let those images feed their souls.

It's part of my job to make sure all of our technology is running smoothly, our backups are backed-up and that we are able to take you on the Love. Mahalo. Photo. journey smoothly.  If you see anything during your journey with us that could be problem-solved, please feel free to reach out.  Otherwise I look forward to meeting you on the beach! 

-Mahalo (thank you).