We're Ready! How do we book a session?

Photo sessions can be booked in three ways: 1) On our website using the Book Online link (you won't be charged for the deposit until your time slot has been confirmed with the Photographers.) 2) Call us at (808) 600-1811 3) Email

How do I pay the photo session deposit?

An invoice for the deposit will be sent via email after your time and date has been confirmed with one of our photographers. A payment link will be included on the invoice. Advance payments are also accepted at our Hilton Hawaiian Village booth (dates & times vary) please contact us if you'd like to pay in advance.

What is your rescheduling policy?

We kindly ask that all efforts be made to keep your original appointment time. Energy and effort have already been extended in preparation for your photo session, and your time has been reserved for you, possibly to the exclusion of others. We also know that things happen, so please give us as much advance notice as possible if you need to reschedule. Photo sessions can be rescheduled, without penalty, up to 12 hours before the shoot (If another time slot is available). If your photo session starts in less than 12 hours and you need to reschedule, please call us directly to see if alternate arrangements can be made. Rescheduling within 12 hours of your session start time is subject to an additional fee of $50. Due to scheduling restrictions, clients are allowed to reschedule one time. Indefinite reschedules are not allowed. If another time slot cannot be found, your appointment will be considered cancelled, and you will forfeit your deposit. All reservation times are Hawaii Standard Time (HST)

Is the photo session deposit refundable?

The photo session deposit is refundable as long as you notify us at least 48 hours prior to the session. Within 48 hours of your photo session start time the deposit is non-refundable. If you need to reschedule, we will work with you to the best of our abilities to accommodate based on availability. Please see more under "What is your rescheduling policy?" All reservation times are Hawaii Standard Time (HST)

Is there a Service Agreement?

Yes, we will send you a standard photography service agreement to sign before your session.

Photo Session

How many people can be in the photo session?

Families come in all shapes and sizes and we want to ensure that if you want to be photographed together, we'll make it happen! If you're part of a large family, or are here with an extended family there is a charge per person over 6 people. There is also the possibility of a charge for an extended session, which may be needed for large groups over 12 people. If you are part of an extended family please contact us soon so we can find either one long session for you, or two back to back sessions. Doing it that way actually allows each nuculear family within the extended family to have a mini-session in the larger session, and everyone will have plenty of photos to choose from. Special pricing can be configured for such situations.

What happens if it rains?

Rain on the island can be unpredictable. Usually showers pass just as quickly as they arrive, resulting in a beautiful, sunny day that has some extra sparkle to it. In the event of rain, we will play it by ear. If the rains are heavy we will promptly reschedule you for another available time slot. If the showers are light, we will try to wait it out and the photographers will make every effort to make up for lost time. Cancellations due to rain are at the sole discretion of the photographers.

Who chooses the location for the photo session?

We specialize in the area around Waikiki beach, however we are happy to perform your photo session anywhere on the island. We know plenty of less crowded beaches and scenic areas. Sessions outside of Waikiki are subject to a travel fee between $50-75 dollars, (and trust us, it's worth it!) Please call us for details.

What should I wear to the session?

We want you to be comfortable, look timeless, and feel great during your session. Ultimately what you wear is up to you, but we definitely have suggestions! Tips for Looking Your Best: - Lay out everyone's outfits together and make sure you don't clash! - Keep long hair away from faces, there's typically wind on the beach! Side braids, or half-up/half-down do's work well. (See the don'ts about pony-tails!) - Iron your clothes - Wear shoes that are easy to walk in (avoid heels!) there may be lava rocks, rock walls, sticks, branches, docks, etc... that may need to be crossed to get to our desired location. (If we're on the beach we'll try to do barefoot shots.) -For maternity sessions contact us for a list of specifics to best show off that wonderful belly! Optional: -Wear Hawaiian Shirts, Dresses & Prints (but mix with solids so we're not overwhelmed, perhaps all the males wear the Hawaiian shirt with plain shorts/pants, and the women wear a neutral solid.) -Wear all white. (It'd be great if all of your whites were the same white! And please ensure undergarments are also white/lite colored.) -Have us pick up real, fresh-flower (or leaf) leis, crowns or hair pieces for you. -With an extended family? There can be an overall color scheme, like white and light blue and then each nuculear family can have a dedicated color for their accesories. (It unifies while it delineates.) - Get a pedicure and a manicure if you care about those types of things. Hands can feature prominantly in photo sessions, especially maternity sessions! Please Avoid: - Large logos, large word prints, athletic wear (including jerseys) unless of course that's the theme! - Clashing with too many patterns, or colors that aren't "related". This can turn out very distracting in photos. - Stripes (the smaller the stripe the worse for digital cameras!) - Watches / Distracting Jewelry - Everyone wearing a different Hawaiian shirt print. - Ponytails that are super tight and go straight to the back can ultimately make people look like they have helmet hair, or very, very short hair. Low, side ponytails are good, or half-up/half-down dos.

How long does the photo session take?

A typical photo session is about one hour. Maternity sessions and larger families can take up to 1.5 hours. It all depends on the number of people, the location, and how happy and cooperative those people are (exhauseted toddlers and grumpy teens may need a bit more warming up). We'll all have a more carefree, fun photo session if you don't have something planned immediately after.

I actually really hate having my photo taken... Any encouragement for me?

I know how you feel! I think my nose is terrible in profile and my eyes are off-set, but when I have had my photo taken professionaly it really did make a difference! First off, as professionals, our job is to help you be as comfortable as you can be. One of the first things we'll tell you when we start the session is, "You're on a beach... in Hawaii... Just be here, be with your loved ones, actually enjoy their company and this place, play some games, chase your kids, hug your partner..." With that, most clients' shoulders relax, they'll feel the sand between their toes and listen to waves crashing. It's pretty magical. We'll just happen to be around you taking photos. And we will direct you at times, and depending on what ages we're working with and what everyone's mobility levels are, we've got ideas to work for everyone. Some tips for those who are camera shy: - Chin out and down. Many who are "scared" of the camera will pull their heads away from the camera which can then create the many-chins illusion. Combat that gently extending your neck out towards the camera, then pivoting your chin down just a couple of centimeters. -Shoulders down and back, bellies in, backs straight, heads held high. I'll remind everyone of this one too, it just helps elongate our whole selves. - Ultimately remember that you are important, especially to the people you'll be in the photos with, and they will be thrilled in years to come to see what you looked like on that amazing trip to Hawaii. -The flip side of that coin is that, people will also mostly be looking at themselves in the photos, so they shouldn't be too concerned with how you're looking anyways. ;)


Does my session deposit go towards the package price?

Yes, your session deposit goes directly towards the price of your chosen package. For example, if you pay a $250 session deposit, and you choose our $499 photo package. You only pay the difference in price ($249) to complete the package.

Do your packages come with digital files?

Yes, all of our packages come with high-resolution digital files that you are free to use for your personal use. You can share them on social media, you can enlarge and print them, you can include them in your Holiday cards. However, as will be outlined in your Print Release, you are not allowed to alter the files or use them for any commercial (money making) purposes. If for example you'd like to use one of your family shots on a billboard to advertise your own business, that would not be allowed with the Personal Print Release. However, we'd love to negotiate a Commercial Use Release with you, just contact us and we'll get that ball rolling.

How long does it take to get our images after the photo session?

On average it takes, 7-14 days to prepare the final gallery. By the 14th day after your photo session we will send you an invoice for the balance due. Within 3 days of receiving payment we will send you the gallery link and at that time you can enjoy, share and download your gallery for up to 14 days. You can even use custom coupons in the first 48 hours after your gallery is open to order some amazing print products that will arrive on your door step ready to be displayed in your home or office!

How much does a package cost?

Our packages are $499 and up. Your package price will vary depending on the options chosen, such as session location, session length of time, number of people, etc... Print products are available for purchase, but are not included in the package price.


Can I post the photo session images on social media?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we would love it if you could tag us Love.Mahalo.Photo on your post!

Are you really living the dream?

It sure does seem that way! We have a true and deep passion for this line of "work" (if you can even call it that!) We feel fortunate every single day, to not only live in this incredible place, but to continuously see it through fresh eyes with every family who steps in front of our lenses. It is so heartwarming to see little ones squeal with joy as the waves come closer and closer, or laugh at the twins who kept toddling off in different directions, and I teared up when a mom cried because her three grown children were not only all in the same city again, they were all snuggled together under a tree, and she hadn't had them all with her in several years. Although there is more work that goes on in this business than we thought possible, we are kept busy every single day, I would definitely say, yes, we are living the dream. Thank you for helping to make that possible! Ashley & Liz