Behind The Scenes: Hawaiian Babymoon & Family Session

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Location: Hukilau Beach on Oahu's North East Shore

First off-- Wow! How beautiful is this family?

Second off-- It was a pretty darn windy day, with some grey skies and it looked as if it could rain in the next hour or so, but I knew even in those conditions we could get some great shots, and we did!

I'm forever grateful to them for trusting us, changing into their matching outfits so quickly and working with us to capture their growing family while they were on their Hawaiian Babymoon!

This first shot isn't perfect, but they're all engaged, smiling, making eye contact with the camera. It was just a quick snap I took as we walked from the parking lot down to the beach. In fact anytime we're working with a toddler I'm snapping pics as frequently as I can, especially since I know as soon as I have to compete with an ocean, waves and sand, I become way less interesting!

Do you remember the first time you saw the ocean? Do you remember being small enough for shoulder rides?

And here again, I was able to capture a real moment, this one was not posed at all. We do pose some shots, but we also try to just be there (at the ready) as you take in Hawaii. At this time my photo partner was helping the mama put her hair into a side braid- remember it was windy! And I just watched from a far as the little guy got one of his first glimpses of the ocean!

What is the plural of Gorgeous!?!

The wind helped us out here and gave us some nice movement in mama's dress, I even think the clouds add a bit of drama and flare to these photos, but really, who are we kidding? We're all looking at them! What a gorgeous couple!

These are some of the posed photos we got that day. Admittedly, it can be a little bit odd having someone dancing around you with a big camera asking you to put your arm here, put this hand there, smile, but not too big, etc. etc.

But after we get the basics down, I also always invite everyone to just take a deep breath, actually feel your feet in the sand, listen to the sound of the waves crashing on a Hawaiian beach, and love the one you're with!

"I'll never really remember it was windy that day, I'll remember that we were in Hawaii, together, celebrating the family we're building..."

Another thing that we always try to do with our clients is invite them in to the creative process. After we did more beautiful beach ones, I asked if there was a particular shot that they wanted, or if they wanted something else in their background, and low and behold they wanted to get into the little river delta where we were-- so we did!

I was surprised by how lush and green the little slope was behind us, and the green was reflecting on the water too. Just by turning around we went from beach to a more jungle look and it was lovely. The black and white photo though is one of my favorites! I asked them to "Just breathe together, and be together..."

All the while the magnificent Liz was playing with and keeping their toddler safe, not dry, but safe. : )

In our photo session preparation list we send you, that is one of the highlighted items, bring clothes that you're ok-with getting wet. And bring dry clothes to change in to.

If however, you're not comfortable getting wet at all, we can find an overlook, or wide grassy area by a beach to ensure that everyone is safe and happy.

And of course, no one wants to leave the beach, but we found a way to make it more tolerable!

Stay tuned for more Behind The Scenes posts of Love.Mahalo.Photo 's portrait sessions!

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