Behind the Scenes-- Mā'ili Beach

My lovely partner has many roles at Love. Mahalo. Photo. and the most fun, for both of us, is being on photo shoots. I'm not always so lucky to have her focus her camera on me, most of the time she's getting amazing shots of you and your family, or singing songs from Moana to get some smiles, but these kids were pretty independent so she had time to get some shots of me getting some shots! I thought it'd be fun to see some of the different perspectives paired up!

I love this shot!

This is another one that the family chose to enlarge and I believe it hangs in their living room!

Yes to making the digital, tangible!

I also love this shot, because we didn't direct the kids at all; they were just, legitimately, drawn to the water's edge and just stood in awe of the ocean for a minute or two.

Work it girl! I think maybe she'd practiced at home. :)

A lot of our time during your photo session is us just being with your kids. She was doing some twirls, he was digging a hole, we're just there clicking away!

If it's age appropriate, we really just want you to have fun with your family, some splashing, sure! Being in the shallow surf! No problem! We even get some piggy-back style hugs!

Oh! Tiny kisses from a tiny little guy!

This is one of the reasons why I love doing family photos, he's going to be a teenager "soon." But on this day he was just a little dude who loved his mom and didn't care who knew it!

We left that beach, drove to the end of the road, and got some great shots where several years before this wonderful couple got engaged!

Thanks Liz for all of these behind the scenes photos!

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