Squeezed in a Session for these Irish Squeezes!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

When a pair of world traveling, jovial, super social Irish folks kept us entertained for several hours on a Sunday Funday in Honolulu, we knew we wanted to capture their love and their time in Hawaii. They were equally thrilled to find out they'd been chatting it up with "real" photographers!

Ger and Rene have been married for 44 years, have three children, and eight grandchildren. They have been to 107 countries, have no plans to stop traveling and are still so in love! They truly were an inspiration. They delighted us with stories about the Terra Cotta Warriors in China, being trotted off on a surprise trip to Dubai(!) and sinking into the softest white sand in the Seychelles. We compared notes about Bali, Machu Pichu and Rio de Janiero.

After we wrapped up our Sunday Funday, we planned to meet with them the next morning for a Couples Session before their Island departure. We met at their hotel, they had their bags packed, they checked out and we spent 30 minutes together before their airport shuttle came. Since we already had rapport, and mutual admiration built up from the day before, we were able to get many lovely shots for them, for their children and for their grandchildren to enjoy for years to come.

Some tips on Life, Love and Traveling from Ger and Rene:

  • 'Travel as soon as you can, as often as you can! Doesn't even really matter where you go, just go!'

  • Meet people! Ger said, "It doesn't hurt to just ask, 'May we join you?' If they say no, ask someone else!"

  • 'When you get somewhere good, ask the locals if they know of somewhere even better... You'll be amazed how people want to show off the best of their cities and lands, and then you'll get to see somewhere that's off the beaten path...'

  • 'Be grateful and gracious, smile and tip well too.'

  • 'Be your own boss if you can, "I had a good job, it let us take our kids all over the world, but now I'm my own boss and since I hired a reliable person to fill in for me whenever I need, the world is our oyster!"

  • 'Keep your spouse happy! Ask often what they want, listen and then do whatever you can to make it happen! They're your most special person, let them know that over and over again...'

We agree! Thanks Ger and Rene! Safe Travels and we hope to meet up with you in a far away land someday sooner than later!

If you know a couple who deserves their love to be documented, or if your partner would feel special doing a Couples Photo Session together, reach out to us! At Love. Mahalo. Photo we absolutely love Love!

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