Maternity for Eternity

Not eternal gestation, I don't think that'd be too popular!

But capturing this time in a woman's life can be 'eternal' documentation of her power, strength, abilities, joy, nerves, vulnerability, uncertainty, and utter elation at who she is, who she has become and who she's about to meet.


I absolutely LOVE doing maternity sessions!

This is such a momentous, monumental, never-again-to-be-repeated time in someone's life.

Never be repeated? you ask with a raised eyebrow, Second and third babies happen all the time. To that I say, Yes of course! A woman may have many babies, however, a woman will never ever be pregnant with the same baby ever again! Thus doing a maternity session is a once in a life time opportunity to capture this pregnancy with this baby. And that only adds to the special-ness for me.

And it only makes it better when the couple is so in-love!

So in-it-together like this amazing couple. They said they don't like being in front of the camera, but I sure couldn't tell that! They'd just melt into each other's arms, they'd make each other smile, they were just there, hanging out on a beach in Hawaii, in-love and I happened to be there with a camera!

Mom's and mom's-to-be often complain that they feel fat, they don't like their bodies this way, their ankles are swollen, they're sweaty and uncomfortable, and I totally get that... But when you're in front of my camera, and when you let yourself be in photos, we don't see any of that! We see how gorgeous you are, how amazing your human-creating-body is, we see you loving your new creation and your family full force.


One of my favorite stories is from another photographer in Georgia, she stepped in front of the camera for her maternity session, and later when her daughter was 5 or 6 they were looking through their maternity album together. Her little girl, seeing all of these photos of her beautiful pregnant mama said, "You loved me even before I was here!"

That is the lasting power of choosing to be in photos!

Let me know when you're ready to honor and capture this incredible time in your life!

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